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LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Finance Service.

Where Your Fintech Meets Our Innovation

Traditional banks are under pressure to rapidly evolve into digitally advanced “banks of the future.” This emphasizes the necessity for intricate technology strategies rooted in customer obsession to enable exceptional adaptability, creativity, and resilience. Integrating LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Finance Service accelerates this transformation. Our service streamlines financial operations, processes account requests and manages customer relationships with transparency, accuracy, and efficiency. Adopt to future-fit strategy with LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Finance service and meet the heightened expectations of your customers

Our Core Capabilities

  • Make Complex Process Simple – Our solution’s intelligent frameworks can establish transparent and repeatable processes, leading to time and cost savings.

  • Better Transparency – By breaking cases into distinct tasks and integrating any system where employees conduct their work, our solution facilitates the entire bank in collaborating to promptly and transparently address client issues.

  • Reduced Development Time – The data model and analytics for banking services in our ServiceNow FSO are standardized to establish a seamless connection with ServiceNow's platform, resulting in significant time savings during development. Banks can efficiently manage all configuration data with comprehensive life cycle support.

  • Convenient Banking – Our FSO’s pre-configured applications enable banks to provide instant and convenient banking experiences, covering onboarding, cards, payments, loans, treasury and deposit operations, as well as exceptions/dispute management.

Your Key to Banking Brilliance Starts with LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Finance Service

LMTEQ’s Offerings

  • Treasury Operations – With our solution, take advantage of digital forms to facilitate secure, compliant, and efficient processes for internal treasury teams. This helps to streamline the onboarding process for treasury products by minimizing complexity. 

  • Deposit and Payment operations – Accelerate work completion through optimized processes and automation for common deposit account requests in our solution. Enhance client experience with real-time visibility into claim status, the ability to create payment inquiries, and monitor their progress. On top of that gain insights into payment operations, performance, and trends through real-time reporting and dashboards.

  • Compliant Management – With our solution, banks can prioritize, address, and minimize complaints in a manageable and auditable manner. In our complaint management dashboard, banks can record and view, the number of cases opened and closed and the average handling time for streamlining the management process.

  • Anti-Fraud Intelligent Service – Our solution streamlines fraud resolution through integrated technology and collaborative teams. It ensures full transparency by enabling both customers and back-end systems to initiate cases, and prioritize high-impact issues, thereby mitigating financial losses, and maintaining compliance with embedded SLA tracking.

Our ServiceNow FSO Unique Edge

  • Omni-channel Call Back

    Our solution enables customers to request a callback either via Zoom or phone as soon as a representative becomes available through the Engagement Messenger or a portal. This helps the bank to achieve swifter and efficient resolution for customer inquiries

  • Document Intelligence

    Utilize our document management solution with machine learning and AI for quick extraction of information from passports, driver's licenses, and identity cards, enhancing processing speed and client experiences.

  • Decision Builder

    Our solution allows banks to quickly build, validate, and deploy guided decision trees to enhance the admin experience through an easy, intuitive, non-technical builder interface.

  • Service Portal

    Our solution offers a mobile-friendly self-service experience for your customers. By accessing specific platform features through the service portal, customers can reduce resolution time and enjoy an improved customer experience.

  • Work Assignment

    Our solution automatically assigns work items to your front desk, considering their availability, capacity, and skillset. This streamlines production and enhances overall productivity

  • Guided Decision Making

    Our solution accelerates the resolution of complex cases by guiding customer service representatives through a structured troubleshooting process, ensuring faster and more efficient outcomes.

Ready to secure the future of your banking operations with LMTEQ, the reliable ServiceNow finance service provider? With just one click, elevate your banking operations and enhance the customer experience.

Rely on our team of experts with profound knowledge in FSO services to support you at every step of your objectives.