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LMTEQ's ServiceNow GRC:
Rapid Response to Business Risks

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Seize Opportunities, Mitigate Risks with LMTEQ's ServiceNow GRC.

Elevate your operational efficiency, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance by automating business governance with our ServiceNow GRC implementation. LMTEQ empowers your businesses by enabling proactive risk management through continuous monitoring and advanced analytics, making enterprise-wide risk-informed decisions easy.

Cornerstones of ServiceNow GRC

  • Improved Security Compliance – GRC offers a centralized mechanism for developing and overseeing policies, standards, and internal control procedures that align with external regulations and benchmarks. Moreover, the application features organized workflows for identifying, assessing, and continuously monitoring control activities.

  • Superior Governance of Risk – ServiceNow's governance, risk, and compliance tool act as a centralized solution for overseeing risks, rules, and controls. This empowers enterprises to bolster their risk management procedures, facilitating the establishment of effective controls and promoting strict adherence.

  • Reduced Cost – With GRC’s automated feature, organizations have the potential to decrease GRC-related costs, encompassing manual processes, compliance audits, and fines.

  • Better Transparency – Leveraging GRC’s audit management enables businesses to enhance visibility into their GRC risks and oversight, facilitating improved decision-making. 

Ready to Elevate IT Governance? We Have You Covered!

  • Risk Management – At LMTEQ, we harness the cutting-edge risk evaluation and mitigation features of ServiceNow GRC modules, aiding businesses in uncovering, evaluating, and prioritizing risks. Our expert team offers actionable insights and deploys dynamic risk mitigation techniques, seamlessly integrating risk management into your business operations.

  • Vendor Risk Management – Our experts ensure your company's security with Vendor Risk Management powered by GRC. Automated procedures and controls enhance risk identification, due diligence, and compliance monitoring.integrating risk management into your business operations.

  • Operational Risk Management – We proactively assist you in addressing risks, enhancing operational resilience, and optimizing resource allocation by seamlessly integrating functional threat assessments into your regular procedures.

  • Sustained Authorization and Surveillance – Continuous authorization and monitoring solutions are integral to our GRC expertise. Working closely with you, we optimize and automate the authorization process, ensuring that your workforce has efficient access to the right job credentials. 

  • Privacy Management

    We assist companies in building robust privacy management frameworks, including policy implementation, consent management, handling data subject requests, and ensuring compliance with privacy laws.

  • Audit Management

    Our team utilizes the GRC audit management tool to streamline audit procedures and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. We assist in establishing a centralized repository for audit documents, automating audit operations, and tracking audit results.

  • Performance Metrics

    Leveraging GRC's Performance Analytics, our experts deliver valuable insights into your GRC operations. We support the creation of informative reports, and dashboards, define KPIs, and establish efficient data-gathering methods 

  • Virtual Agent

    By leveraging Virtual Agent and Predictive Intelligence, we automate tasks, provide immediate assistance, and deliver personalized experiences. Our collaboration focuses on boosting productivity, minimizing response times, and enhancing user satisfaction through virtual agents, chatbots, and predictive analytics.

  • Use Case Accelerators

    Accelerate your GRC initiatives with our team's ready-to-use Use Case Accelerators, utilizing the GRC module. Benefit from industry best practices, kickstart adoption, and address specific GRC challenges effortlessly.

Commence Your Governance Expedition with us

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