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Safety First, Excellence Always

LMTEQ's ServiceNow Ensuring Health and Safety in Your Workspace

Transform your workplace for betterment with LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Health and Safety Suite. Experience operational excellence, ensuring a secure and thriving environment for your team. Trust us to redefine the future of workplace well-being with robust technology and unparalleled service.

Wellness Benefits of ServiceNow Health and Safety Solution

Prioritize safety with LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Solutions. Elevate operations.

LMTEQ’s Unique Edge on Safety

Dashboard for Safe Workplace

 LMTEQ’s ServiceNow HSE comes with the safe workplace dashboard. The dashboard is designed in such a way that you can easily get insights into safety measures, trends, and compliance levels. On top of that, you can seamlessly incident rates, identify improvement rates, and make data-driven decisions for a safer and secure workplace. 

Contact Tracing

Our team diligently works towards mitigating the transmission of dangerous illnesses in the work environment. ServiceNow HSE serves as a powerful solution, systematically tracking and identifying potential hazards within your organization. This enables quick identification and notification of individuals who may have encountered an infected person, facilitating prompt isolation and the implementation of preventive measures.

Employee Safety

Our service acts as an integrated hub providing employees with access to crucial health and safety data, guidelines, and tools. With a user-friendly interface, navigating the center is seamless, enabling employees to easily discover the information they need. This fosters knowledge and active engagement, ensuring a safe workplace environment.

Vaccination Status Tracking
  • Our service comes with vaccination status tracking.  This helps to streamline compliance with health standards and efficiently monitor personnel vaccination status for effective distribution within your organization.

More From LMTEQ

  • Health and Safety Testing – Our team efficiently plan, monitor reviews, schedule tests, and generate detailed reports. Our solution assists in maintaining a secure and legally compliant working environment, ensuring strict adherence to regulatory obligations.

  • Health Screening for Employees – Our service made health screening much more simpler. With our service, you can efficiently manage and automate staff health screening with ServiceNow. Create customized health surveys, verify compliance with health standards, and encourage a proactive approach to employee well-being.

  • Health and Safety Testing – PPE Inventory Management – Our solution empowers you to effortlessly track and control PPE inventory. Our system ensures the seamless availability of the right PPE for employees, reducing risks and enhancing safety. From monitoring inventory levels to handling renewal requests, we've got you covered.

Want to make your work environment safer and secure? You are in the right place.

Our ServiceNow experts work round the clock to provide your business with the best possible solution.