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Improve Accuracy and Speed: Leverage ServiceNow for Order Management

At LMTEQ, we offer ServiceNow Order Management to help you streamline your order processing and improve customer satisfaction. Our Order Management solution enables you to:

  • Enable self-service options: We help you enable your customers with self-service options like order tracking and creating cases when they need help. This reduces customer effort, frustration, and contact volume.
  • Simplify order management: We make it simple for your customers to order products and services with AI-powered self-service. This helps you reduce the time and effort required to manage orders.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Our ServiceNow Order Management solution helps you improve customer satisfaction by providing a seamless and efficient order management process.
  • Reduce costs: By automating your order management process, we help you reduce costs associated with manual order processing and customer support.


Why do you need CSM order management?

  • Increase revenue

    It gives agents the authority to record, keep track of, and complete customer orders and also access to order queue information and tasks throughout the order lifecycle.

  • Improves efficiency

    Order tasks can be created and automated using workflows to expedite order fulfillment, meet SLAs, and save money. Orders can be imported from outside systems and executed in ServiceNow.Define product offerings, details, and attributes using the product catalog.

  • Gives Satisfaction

    Reduce customer effort, frustration, and contact volume by allowing customers to monitor order status and details as well as create cases when they need assistance via the customer portal or a virtual agent.

Technology providers have a lot of opportunities ahead of them with the proliferation of everything-as-a-service (XaaS) and managed services. However, as they increase the number of applications and teams in their portfolios, it becomes increasingly difficult to launch and deliver goods and services, which has an adverse impact on the customer experience.

The benefits include,

  • Streamline order management

    Our solution helps you streamline order management across teams, systems, and partners to capture revenue faster and capitalize on XaaS.

  • Launch and deliver products faster

    OMTP provides tech companies with a flexible, comprehensive product catalog that enables them to respond quickly to changing market demands, launch and deliver products and services with fewer mistakes, and enhance user experiences.

  • Accelerate revenue recognition

    In order to expedite order delivery for orders with multiple products, it uses zero-touch automation. The simple rule-driven process used by OMTP efficiently captures and processes customer orders, lowering error rates and enhancing customer satisfaction. Order fulfillment managers can quickly investigate the causes, reprocess failed orders, and streamline the remediation process over time with configurable tasks by closely monitoring order fallouts using the order fallout management dashboard.

Order Management for Telecommunications: 

With the help of ServiceNow Order Management for Telecommunications, Communications Service Providers (CSP) can easily introduce new services while scaling to high order volumes and the complexity of next-generation services. With complete order visibility and tracking to guarantee quality and accuracy and prevent fallouts, CSPs can realize revenue more quickly. A dependable service fulfillment strategy that boosts agent productivity and reduces the CSP’s cost to serve, ensures customer success.

Overall, integrating AI with ServiceNow can help businesses improve their workflows, provide better services to their customers, and reduce costs. By automating routine tasks and providing intelligent search results, ServiceNow can help businesses save time and improve productivity.

In conclusion, LMTEQ ServiceNow’s integration with AI and ML technologies is an important part of the platform’s ability to help organizations streamline their IT processes and improve their overall efficiency. By using historical data to classify incidents and requests, automating workflows, providing real-time insights, and delivering intelligent solutions, LMTEQ ServiceNow helps organizations to reduce the workload on IT staff, improve customer service, and reduce costs.

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