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Unlock Efficiency, Maximize Savings

LMTEQ's ServiceNow SPO Sourcing Mastery in Procurement.

At LMTEQ, we know the complexity of managing sourcing and procurement operations (SPO). We assist you in streamlining your whole SPO process and then remove the complexity by leveraging the ServiceNow Sourcing and Procurement operation solution. We will help you to empower your employees by providing them with an easy-to-use tool, which is designed to facilitate the process of shopping for various goods and services that are required within your work environment. Simplify your sourcing and procurement process and enhance efficiency.

Our Value Proposition 

Optimize sourcing with LMTEQ for streamlined efficiency and smarter decisions.

Maximize Efficiency With LMTEQ’s ServiceNow SPO

  • Procurement Case Management 

    We help your employees integrate the procurement case management tool into their existing workflow. The primary function of this application is to enable all the employees to submit their requests for the required services from the procurement team. This ultimately helps the stakeholders and the procurement team to efficiently keep track and manage the service requests and have clear visibility in the process. 

  • Shopping Hub 

    We enhance employee procurement with a user-friendly interface for independent request management. Features include Catalog Management, Streamlined Requests, Supplier Guidance, and Transparency through regular updates for tracking.

  • Performance Analytics 

    We help you to set up a comprehensive set of pre-configured metrics and dashboards tailored for assessing various aspects within the Sourcing and Procurement Operations product. These metrics and dashboards serve the purpose of evaluating spend, operational efficiency, and your team performance. This includes a dedicated procurement buyer dashboard (for individual performance), procurement strategy and ops dashboard (for overall organization performance), and lastly, procurement team performance dashboard (for team performance). 

  • Virtual Agent 

    We help you to set up a virtual agent for your SPO process. The primary function of a virtual agent is to offer pre-configured topics within a conversational interface that enables employees to engage in conversations with the virtual agent, allowing them to raise requests, seek knowledge, and complete tasks related to sourcing and procurement. 

  • Knowledge Management

    We aid in embedding the ServiceNow Knowledge Management into your SOP workflow to provide consistent, proven resolutions for your customers and employees to boost self-service.

Ready to Revolutionize your Sourcing and Procurement process with LMTEQ?

Rely on our team to unlock efficiency, streamline workflows, and make informed decisions.