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Transforming IT Operations with LMTEQ’s Premium ServiceNow Support Services.

Frequent service interruptions caused by system failures or performance bottlenecks[1] can hinder your business goals. At LMTEQ, our team of ServiceNow experts empowers you and your stakeholders to eliminate these bottlenecks, improve IT operations efficiency, and enhance user experience organization-wide. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies from the ServiceNow platform, we deliver top-tier managed services to ensure seamless operations and optimal performance.

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ServiceNow Services We Support

Our ServiceNow Support services primarily revolve around two key components: ServiceNow Maintenance and Enhancement. These highly adaptable elements allow you to tailor your service scope to suit your specific needs.

LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Support services offer various maintenance support to improve the overall stability and reliability of your ServiceNow platform.
In this phase, our team of ServiceNow experts assesses your current ServiceNow environment, identifies performance gaps, bottlenecks, and other issues, and implements necessary actions to rectify and maintain it. This improves the overall stability and reliability of your ServiceNow solution.

Release migration

We aid you in seamlessly migrating the latest ServiceNow releases to leverage new features and enhancements without disruption.

Incident Management

We assist you in swiftly resolving incidents to minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted service delivery.

Change Management

Our team helps you implement structured change processes to manage transitions effectively and minimize operational impact.

Configuration and Customizations

We help you customize and configure ServiceNow to align with specific business needs and optimize workflows.

Updates and upgrades

Our experts enable you to implement timely updates and upgrades to enhance the functionality and security of ServiceNow.

Service Level Management (SLA)

Our team helps you in monitoring and maintaining service levels to meet SLAs and ensure consistent service delivery.

System administration and performance monitoring

We ensure peak performance and reliability of your ServiceNow through proactive administration and continuous performance monitoring.

Regular solution health checks and security audits

Our team conducts routine health checks and audits for CDMB and more to fortify security measures and maintain optimal operational health.
LMTEQ ServiceNow enhancement support evaluate your existing IT infrastructure and help you scale by implementing and integrating the latest ServiceNow modules.

In addition to maintenance, our ServiceNow experts evaluate your existing IT infrastructure and help you scale by implementing and integrating the latest ServiceNow modules. This streamlines your IT operations and services, ultimately supporting your organization’s complete digital transformation with the ServiceNow platform.

ServiceNow functionality expansions

We help you expand ServiceNow capabilities to support evolving business requirements and drive operational efficiency.


Our team expertly implements ServiceNow solutions such as ITSM, ITOM, SOW, CMDB, and SPM previously known as ITBM and more, tailored to business needs.


We assist you in integrating ServiceNow with existing systems such as NMS, BMS, SCADA, VMS[4], and more to streamline processes and enhance data flow across the organization.

Access Control List (ACL) setup

Configure robust ACLs to control access permissions and ensure data security within ServiceNow.

Performance Analysis

Conduct thorough performance analysis to optimize system operations and improve user experience.

Security management

Implement comprehensive security measures such as SSO (Single-Sign-On) to protect ServiceNow instances and sensitive data.

Knowledge Management

Centralize information and empower users with self-service capabilities through effective knowledge management.

Migration and Integration

Facilitate smooth data migration and system integration to enhance operational efficiency and data consistency.

Functionality Expansion and Management

Manage and expand ServiceNow functionalities strategically to support organizational growth and innovation.

ServiceNow Custom App Management

Develop and manage custom applications within ServiceNow by leveraging low-code/no-code technology to address specific business needs and enhance operational agility.

Our Framework for ServiceNow Support Services

With a structured approach to Discovery, Deployment, and Evaluation, our Framework for ServiceNow Support Services guarantees streamlined efficiency and ongoing innovation tailored to your organizational needs.

Assessment and Planning


Requirements Gathering

Implementation and Optimization


Performance Tuning

Innovation and Evaluation

Feature Integration

Performance Evaluation

Your Gains From Our ServiceNow Support Services

Discover the business benefits available to clients through LMTEQ's ServiceNow Support Services.
  • Proactive monitoring, and tuning.
  • Seamless IT integration.
  • Regular updates, security.
  • Tailored workflows.
  • Advanced incident management.
  • Extensive user training.
  • Continuous optimization.
  • Rigorous documentation, and compliance.
  • Strategic guidance.
  • Cutting-edge feature integration.

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Why Choose LMTEQ for Your ServiceNow Support Services?

  • Certified expert team.
  • Customized solution.
  • Detailed ServiceNow IT support (time zone-based).
  • Fully scalable ServiceNow Support Delivery.
  • Reliable ServiceNow Customer Support.
  • Round the clock technical support (time zone based).