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"Secure Your Digital Fort Knox: Elevate Security, Simplify Access, And Shape the Future."

Recognizing the indispensable role of data in business success and customer satisfaction, LMTEQ offers ServiceNow Vault a sophisticated data security solution. Our reliable system ensures robust protection against data breaches and cyber threats, allowing you to elevate your data security management to new heights through LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Vault.

Explore the Benefits of ServiceNow Vault

  • Boost security : ServiceNow credentials vault offers a reliable and secure solution for controlling privileged access. Centralizing and encrypting credentials lowers the possibility of illegal access and data breaches. Organizations may significantly improve the overall security status by enforcing the division of roles, implementing strict access restrictions, and keeping an eye on privileged activity.

  • Bolster Security : ServiceNow's credentials vault ensures secure control of privileged access, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry and data breaches. Organizations can enhance security by implementing role segregation and strict access controls.

  • Zero Trust Access : Leveraging Zero Trust principles, Policy-Based Session Access empowers organizations to dynamically adjust user privileges during a web session. Factors like IP address, location, authentication method, and identity provider (IdP) attributes contribute to this adaptive approach.

Enhance, Streamline, Achieve! Elevate your data security with ServiceNow Vault. Unleash unmatched protection today.

Pioneering Possibility With Our Signature Edge

We, at LMTEQ strive to provide best in the class security solutions to our customers with robust methodologies.Our strategy involves:

  • Data Anonymization

    Our team of specialists aids in the data anonymization process, which includes concealing sensitive information to bolster security measures. Moreover, we emphasize upholding data integrity to guarantee its quality. We assist in incorporating pseudonyms or arbitrary values for sensitive data to mitigate the risk of potential data breaches.

  • Platform Encryption

     We manage platform encryption, ensuring the encryption of critical data fields like financial records and proprietary information. This enables organizations to adopt a meticulous approach to the implementation of data encryption.

  • Secret Management

    We specialize in the consolidation and encryption of diverse data types, such as API keys, credentials, and project data. This unique feature allows for the aggregation of all credentials into a unified location, significantly improving the management of passwords.

  • Code signing

    Code signing is a process that generates digital signatures for data, which are subsequently verified to establish the genuineness and unaltered state of the data. Our team provides assistance in enhancing security measures by conducting validation of sensitive application configuration data and scripts prior to their utilization. 

Maximize More With LMTEQ

Apart from core features, LMTEQ also offers valuable add-ons such as

log export service.

  • Log Export Services

    We facilitate the automated generation of log exports and audit trails. Through the utilization of this technology, organizations have the opportunity to acquire valuable insights regarding security and data breach occurrences, matters pertaining to compliance, and the activities of users.

  • Data Discovery

    Our discovery feature aids the identification of personally identifiable information (PII) within user data by organizations. By employing this classification system, organizations can implement comprehensive security measures to protect their data. 

  • Data Privacy

    Our data privacy measures help to eliminate PII from user data during the migration process from a production instance to a non-production instance. Once user data is anonymized, it ceases to be classified as regulated private information.

  • Tailored Solution

    Our solution is made in such a way that organizations can tailor the service as they see fit.

  • Streamline Performance Monitoring

    We facilitate the system performance with the ServiceNow Vault’s performance monitoring feature. With this, organizations can optimize their system operations by identifying bottlenecks.

  • In-depth Integration

    Our team offers accelerated workflow connectivity with an in-depth ServiceNow Integration Hub during the ServiceNow Implementation. Meaning, that organizations can connect different systems and applications with secured APIs.

Empower Your Security: Take Command with ServiceNow Vault

Plan ahead and adapt to data breaches swiftly. With our team of experts, you can effortlessly coordinate any kind of security situation and get the best possible result.