ServiceNow Vault

ServiceNow Vault

Secure Data and Apps with a Single Unified Solution with ServiceNow Vault

Securely store and manage privileged credentials with ServiceNow Vault. LMTEQ assists you in eradicating the manual procedures and spreadsheets for higher security and efficiency. Accelerate operations, decrease risks, and enforce strict password rules by centralizing access control using ServiceNow identity and access management.

Maintain the top level of compliance and security by securely storing, managing, and protecting sensitive credentials with us.

Exquisite Benefits of ServiceNow Vault

  • Boost security: ServiceNow credentials vault offers a reliable and secure solution for controlling privileged access. Centralizing and encrypting credentials lowers the possibility of illegal access and data breaches. Organizations may significantly improve the overall security status by enforcing the division of roles, implementing strict access restrictions, and keeping an eye on privileged activity.
  • Ensure compliance: Establish compliance with industry laws like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc., by providing thorough user activity tracking, audit logs, and full reporting features. It eases the stress of manual audits and streamlines compliance procedures.
  • End-to-end protection: ServiceNow password management is a complete access control solution, going above and beyond conventional password management. It lets businesses protect their whole organization by watching privileged activity, seeing possible dangers, and acting quickly.
  • Enhance security posture: Improve your business security with a centralized and secure platform to manage credentials, it reduces the risks associated with password management and privileged access. A better access control system, more accessible user management, and proactive threat detection can help organizations protect their digital assets, customer data, and intellectual property.
  • Streamline performance monitoring: Businesses can track and analyze system performance with ServiceNow Vault’s performance monitoring features. It helps organizations optimize operations by analyzing user behavior, resource utilization, and system bottlenecks. IT teams can handle problems quickly and minimize downtime with this simplified performance monitoring and troubleshooting.
Strategies to Strengthen the Security of Your Business with LMTEQ

Strategies to Strengthen the Security of Your Business with LMTEQ

  • Platform Encryption:Secure confidential information with platform encryption features and protect it with powerful encryption methods both in transit and at rest. LMTEQ uses the ServiceNow security vault to encrypt data fields like Personally Identifiable Information, proprietary information, or financial records. This enables enterprises to ensure unauthorized individuals cannot access or tamper with crucial data.
  • Data Anonymization:We help conceal sensitive data and offer an extra security layer while maintaining data integrity. Reduce the danger of data breaches and safeguard consumers’ privacy by substituting pseudonyms or arbitrary values for private information.
  • Secrets Management:Maintain your business’ secret information, such as API keys, passwords, etc., securely with the help of the ServiceNow ITSM Vault We assist you in centralizing and encrypting these sensitive details within the vault, enhancing your ServiceNow password administration, and reducing unwanted access dangers.
  • Log Export Service:Enjoy a complete log export service using the ServiceNow Security Vault solution with assistance from LMTEQ. With the help of this functionality, the ServiceNow platform can produce automatic exports of logs and audit trails, giving organizations valuable insights into user activity, security incidents, and compliance-related operations.
  • Code Signing: LMTEQ extends code signing features, a vital component in ensuring application authenticity and integrity. Before deployment, enterprises can validate that the code is authentic and hasn’t been tampered with. This protects against illicit code injections or alterations, improving application security and lowering the risk of supply chain attacks.

LMTEQ is the perfect partner to help you implement and optimize data security. ServiceNow privileged access management, password management, identity and access management, security vaults, credentials vaults, and ITSM vaults all come together with LMTEQ. Streamline access management, protect your organization from data breaches, and gain control over your sensitive information.

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