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Streamlining IT Operations – A ServiceNow ITSM and Custom Apps Case Study


In the current dynamic business landscape, our client, a global leader in software and support services, has partnered with LMTEQ’s specialists to enhance their IT operations and improve organizational efficiency. This case study explores the deployment of ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) and customized applications to streamline workflows, with a particular emphasis on automating the onboarding and offboarding processes for new team members.

The Objective

The primary objective of this project was to enhance operational efficiency by automating key processes within the IT Service Desk (ITSD) and other teams. The major focus was on the automation of onboarding and offboarding procedures for new team members, replacing manual communication methods with a streamlined and automated workflow.

Challenges and Pain Points

Before the implementation of ServiceNow, our client faced significant challenges in the form of manual onboarding and offboarding processes. The absence of automation led to increased reliance on manual communication channels, such as emails, causing delays and inefficiencies in task execution. The client recognized the need for a more efficient and automated system to handle these critical processes.

Overcoming Challenges

To address the challenges, our team implemented ServiceNow ITSM and developed custom applications to automate the onboarding and offboarding processes. Automated emails from the Active Directory (AD) system were seamlessly integrated into ServiceNow. Upon receipt, ServiceNow triggered workflows that assigned specific tasks to relevant teams, minimizing the need for manual interventions.


The implementation of ServiceNow ITSM and custom applications by our team yielded significant results, showcasing the tangible benefits of automation in streamlining IT operations.


Our team’s successful implementation of ServiceNow ITSM and custom applications has demonstrated the transformative power of automation in streamlining IT operations. By addressing the challenges associated with manual onboarding and offboarding processes, our client has not only increased operational efficiency but also improved overall user satisfaction.

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