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In most cases, the level of complexity of software or technology increases the level of expertise that the best SAP partners require to make it work. This is the fundamental principle of any software, especially ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solutions like SAP, can definitely work on this principle. A client or the user of the SAP ERP needs expert help from the SAP service providers or global SAP partners, even though the signature SAP ERP when fully onboarded is quite user-friendly and navigable.

So what would you keep in mind when searching for an SAP functional consultant now that you are aware that you cannot install an SAP product on your own? Here are a few practical suggestions for choosing an SAP partner you can rely on while implementing your new SAP ERP to help you determine the solution to that issue and make the fullest out of the system.

Diversify Your Reference

Research for the top SAP partners on the search engine and social media platforms to acquire a considerable number of partners and consultants. You can even ask your business peers or industry peers who have implemented SAP or have migrated to SAP in their company. It is advisable not to stop your options with just three or four references of the best SAP partners who have come forward on their proposal desks initially.  

Excellent Track Record

The most crucial factor to consider when choosing your SAP functional consultant is vetting their fool-proof track record. Take a deep walkthrough of their portfolio to know their field of expertise. Verify their certifications, awards, rewards, professional affiliations, and any qualifications which are demonstrating mastery over SAP systems. If they can provide you with some of their case studies, do not hesitate to read them. These are the proofs that the SAP partner possesses the required leadership in the ERP technology industry. 

The Strategy Of Implementation

Another factor to consider is the strategy for your company or business, the best SAP implementation partners use in their implementation process. Even though the SAP ERP consists of a core system of software, the implementation process requires personalized customization varying in accordance with the business size, demands, and other critical determinants.

Hiring the best SAP partners who have clear ideation of the implementation process for your company is the wisest move you can ever take to make your SAP implementation process a success. 

The Terms Of Engagement Are Key

It is not advisable to get locked down in an agreement. The terms of your engagement with the global SAP partners should be agreeable and provide almost every security for your SAP process. There are a few items that should be discussed prior to inking your contract with your SAP consultant partner.

  • The total number of SAP modules included in the initial implementation process.
  • How often the maintenance runs are carried out?
  • The complete breakdown of the expenses inclusive of the maintenance and the service fee.
  • The IT support extent that is received from the partner.
  • The interval of upgrades of the SAP suite.
Final Thoughts

An SAP consultant partner should be your guide and a roadmap to your entire SAP ERP process. Choosing them can be challenging at the beginning. Consider the above-mentioned factors and choose the best SAP partner for your business and company and make your SAP process easier.