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LMTEQ's Salesforce CPQ Implementation

Quotes, Prices, Satisfaction – Seamless Excellence.

Arm your sales team with LMTEQ’s Salesforce CPQ — a powerful yet user-friendly solution for revenue amplification and operational finesse. Elevate and automate your sales by 40% through simplifying quote creation, strategically determining prices, and ultimately securing customer satisfaction. Harness the power of our solution for unparalleled sales prowess.

The Upside of Salesforce CPQ

  • Configuration feature

    With our CPQ, effortlessly customize products and services, including bundles and multidimensional quoting. Configure order lines with ease, adjusting quantities and discounts based on time components. Our solution rules guarantee optimal compatibility, simplifying the process and supporting effective cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

  • Pricing Management

    Our solution provides a range of price books for various business scenarios, automatically assigned to specific cases. Advanced options like block prices, volume discounts, and pre-agreed prices with specific clients dynamically optimize pricing. This guarantees precise and efficient pricing, streamlining your entire process.

  • Quote Generation

    LMTEQ's CPQ software automates top-notch document creation, empowering your sales teams to predefine elements such as terms and conditions. Utilizing our quote models and templates ensures document alignment with brand identity, projecting a strong and consistent corporate image.

  • Guided Selling

    Our solution streamlines the sales process by proactively guiding your employees through tailored questions during order configuration. This empowers quick and accurate product selection from a diverse catalog, optimizing the efficiency of the quote configuration process.

LMTEQ’s Salesforce CPQ – Your Key to Increase Sales and Revenue!

Our Distinctive

CPQ Implementation Process

Our Unique Edge With CPQ

  • Contract Lifecycle Management Integration

    Our ServiceNow CPQ and CLM integrated solution optimizes sales and contract processes, reducing errors and improving efficiency. This unified approach ensures accurate quotes, streamlined contract management, and enhanced customer satisfaction, providing organizations with greater control and visibility throughout the sales cycle.

  • Scalability

    Built with scalability in focus, our solution seamlessly scales with business growth, effortlessly accommodating expanding product catalogs, services, and transaction volumes.

  • Multi-Currency Support

    Our solution facilitates global sales operations by supporting transactions in multiple currencies.

  • Customer Portal

    Our solution provides customers with self-service portals to view quotes, contracts, and order history, enhancing transparency and collaboration.

  • Documented Generation

    Our solution enables the creation of polished, branded documents, including quotes, contracts, and other sales collateral.

Supercharge your sales prowess!

Integrate LMTEQ’s Salesforce CPQ for a game-changing boost in efficiency and success. Are you ready to revamp your sales strategy?

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